A Cold-Pressed Juice Experience Bringing Sprout & Pour to your event is a wonderful way to provide your guests with a healthy and nutritious beverage. It's giving them a whole farm to bottle experience, raw cold-pressed vegetables blended and designed to not just taste delicious, but rejuvenate each guest. The alternative to sugary sodas or syrup based drinks, is our coldpressed juices and ciders. Your guests will have a take-away that no other beverage can compete against. You, as a host, will be offering a luxurious and healthy lifestyle experience that create lasting memories.

How to get started Planning your special event will begin with deciding on which coldpressed juices best suite your venue and guests. If you haven't tasted our juices or ciders, we will arrange a Juice Tasting to personalize your menu. At the tasting you will choose your juices, and other options, and tell us about your vision and how we can help make that possible with the look and feel of your Juice Bar. The bar is customizable and can fit in with any style of décor from black tie to house or corporate party. Not only is a Juice Bar classy, it's also fun and full of clean drinks with health benefits.

The Juice Bar A  customizable juice bar that complements your venue and event: Up to 5 juices, available hot, bottled, or as a cocktail. Sprout & Pour team member deliver healthy nutritious beverages to your co-workers, clients and friends & relations.

Pricing: Base Pricing: $150 + $4 person |  Deposit: $50 | Reserves date and is placed toward booked event. Includes 1 Serving Style: bottles | hot |cocktails  Add $65 for additional serving styles : bottle | hot | cocktails Additional Beverages:$1 | head per beverage.  Travel expenses assessed for locations outside of  Birmingham area.

Bottoms Up!

We look forward to working with you and providing the most nutritious and unique beverages to your event! Email us at [email protected]