A Juicy Addition: Sprout & Pour, a family owned raw juice bar, is set to open in the heart of Edgewood

December 04, 2014 Andrew Turner

A new establishment in Edgewood will soon serve up farm-fresh fruits and veggies — all of the liquid variety. Sprout & Pour is set to open a juice bar this month. It will be the first in the area serving cold-pressed juices, a process that allows the maximum amount of nutrients to be preserved. Instead of using a centrifugal juice extraction process, as most conventional juicers do, the cold-pressed method uses a hydraulic press. "It's almost like making a fine wine," says Amanda Blake Turner, founder and co-owner of Sprout & Pour. "It grinds (the ingredients) to a pulp, and then it's...

Bottoms up to good health?

December 03, 2014 Andrew Turner

Spring is near. As the days draw longer and the sun glows warmer, the folks of Birmingham will no doubt seek the green spaces of city parks and trails — to take a rest, to break a sweat. Amanda Blake Turner hopes to tap into that health conscious community with her new business, Sprout & Pour. While serving raw fruit and vegetable juices, Turner recently said she hopes to educate the community on the benefits of consuming whole foods. Sprout & Pour will be the city’s first juice-exclusive business — a drinking hole for those who want the glowing buzz...